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Combination of Cryopump and Compressor

Number of cryopumps that one compressor can Run.

Cryopump Compressor
C10/C10AT C15R C30VR C30MVR C30PVRT C40R
U4H 1 3 4
U6H 1 3 4
U8H/U8H-U/U8HSP 1 3 4
U10H/U10HSP 1 2 (3)
U12H/U12HSP 1 (2)
U16/U16P 1
U20P 1
U20H 1
U22P 1
U22H/U30H Use 2 Compressors

The numbers show how many cryopumps can be runnin on one compressor. The numbers in the brackets show optional combination.
Please contact us the combination without above example.

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