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Speciality Cryopumps for Sputtering Process


  1. Optimal for sputtering applications
  2. Argon capacity is 2.5 times of existing model (U8H).
  3. Hydrogen pumping speed is 1.2 times of existing model (U8H)
  4. Extended intervals between regenerations means higher tool availability.
  5. Multiple connections (up to 3) can be made.



Pumping speed (20℃) Nitrogen L/s 1,700
Hydrogen 3,200
Argon 1,400
Water 4,000
Ultimate pressure Pa(Torr) 10-7(10-9)
Maximum throughput Argon Pa・L/s(Torr・L/s) 1.2×103(8.9)
Hydrogen 2.4×102(1.8)
Pumping capacity Argon Pa・L(Torr・L) 2.5×108(1.9×106)
Hydrogen 1.0×106(7.8×103)
Cooldown time min(Hz) 110/100(50/60)
Mounting flange UVG-200,6BANSI,UFC-253
Compressor unit C10,C10ES
Weight Kg 33.2

*Maintenance interval : every 16,000 hours
*Travelling base is optional.

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