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[Basic Knowledge about Cryopumps 6 ]

Seven key points for maintenance

To maintain good performance of a cryopump;
Although our cryopumps are designed to provide high reliability and long-time continuous operation, it is necessary to perform maintenance works on a regular basis.
It is important to perform daily checks to prevent failure.

Seven key points
[Cryopump Assembly]

1. Cryopanel temperature
(Check temperature of cryopanels)
Below 20K: Normal
Above 20K: Abnormal
2. Shield temperature
(Check the electromotive force of CA thermocouple)
-5.5mV~-7.0mV: Normal
-5.5mV以上: Abnormal
(When ambient temperature is 20°C)
3. Cryopump sound, vibration
(hearing, bodily sensation)
Periodic: Normal
Irregular: Abnormal


[Compressor Unit]

4. Helium charge pressure while a compressor is in operation
(Read SUPPLY pressure gauge of a compressor unit)
Charge pressures vary depending on the models. Refer to compressor instruction manual for the appropriate values.
5. Elapsed time meter(E.T.M)
(Check the total operation time on ETM of a compressor unit)
Maintenance intervals vary depending on the models. Refer to compressor instruction manual and replace adsorbers, coldhead seals or bearings.
6. Sound or vibration of a compressor unit while in operation.
(by hearing or sensing bodily)
7. Cooling water flow rate, inlet temperature (with water-cooled types) Refer to compressor unit instruction manual.
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