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The MBS-C CRYO-METER is ideal for remote monitoring and automatization of cryopump operation as it is immune to electric noise because of the sheath structure.

  1. MBS-C can measure from cryogenic 10K (-263°C ) to 350K (77°C). It has two contacts inside; one is turned on when the cryopanel reaches to 20K or lower, the other is turned on when it is above 280K, and can be used as the signal when regenerating.
  2. Sheath structure that resists noise and compact. CA line to measure 80K shield, and Chromel-AuFe sheath line to measure 15K cryopanel are set in a same flange.
  3. MBS-C displays 3 temperature ranges of a cryopanel. CA thermocouple output is lead to CA line output connector so that it can be used as electromotive force. The output of Chromel-AuFe thermocouple is displayed in three different stages of cryopump operating conditions, and regeneration after a pump stops.


Temperature range 15K cryopanel Cryogenic thermocouple
80K shield1 CA thermocouple
Temperature display Lamp display
Red: above280K
Yellow: 20 to 280K
Green: below20K
Set points Lower point On at 20K below
Higher point On at 280K above
Contact capacity AC48V × 0.5A, DC24V × 0.5A
Analog output cryogenic thermocouple 5V(10K)~0V(350K)
CA thermocouple -9mV~0mV
Electrical requirement DC24V±10%, 100mA
Weight 520g
Dimensions(mm) 90width × 45depth × 62height (without themocouple)
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