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Cryostat for Optical and Electrical measurement


・Equipped with 0.1W at 4.2K compact cryocooler

・With four large windows of Φ14, ultimate temperature is as low as 4.2K.

・No liquid helium required. Measurement of samples at cryogenic temperature is possible for long hours.

・Compressors can be selected from air-cooled and water-cooled

・Temperature is controlled by calibrated sensor. Samples can be cooled to desired temperature from room to cryogenic

・For optical measurement, optical axis length is adjustable from 120 to 250mm as specified at the time of production.


Model CRT-A010-SE00
Ultimate Temperature Below 4.2K
Refrigeration Capacity 0.1W/4.2K
Cooldown Time Less than 120 minutes (to 10K)
Temperature Range 4.2K~300K
Temperature Stability Less than ±0.2K
Optical Window Synthetic Quartz (Ф14(Effective Diameter)×4) (Shield Opening:Ф10×4)
Lead Wire for Electrical measurement Ф0.2 Teflon Coated Lead Wire
Temperature Sensor Si Diode Sensor (Calibrated) one
Cryocooler Coldhead HE01
Compressor,Power Supply: 100V Single-phase 20A
Breaker capacity : 20A (outlet only)
Cryostat for Optical, Electrical measurement CRT-A010-SE00
Temperature Controller Model 325

※Specifications may change depending on usage conditions.


 Cryostat for Optical and Electrical measurement CRT-A010-SE00 [PDF:286KB]

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